Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween @ Pauline's Lair

Happy Halloween!
After a more than a month without my PC at home, I am finally able to get it back on halloween and blog on all the things I want to blog for the past month. Hopefully I have enough time! We'll start with Halloween today at Pauline's Lair.

Place was dim and so didn't manage to get good pictures of everyone with my motion-insensitive camera. Managed to get some of the food though while it sits quietly waiting to be devoured.

Pauline's puke salad + special sauce.

Now... Pauline shared with us the secret recipe used to make the sauce, which she learnt from a cooking class. I am so amazed that someone can actually think of this combination of ingredients for the sauce.

You need: Lemon juice, soy powder (mixed with a little water), tomato sauce.
Throw them all together and mix mix mix (you can add some sugar if the soy powder isn't sweetened).
That's all. No specific amount of ingredients to be used, you can vary the amount used according to your preference. Use it like you use a vegan thousand island.

Next up, Neil brought vegan fritters (or vegan "insects" for a halloween twist)...

and samosas...

Vegan laksa by Fang Qi's mum... very tasty!

Halimah's vegan halloween cake - with a partially buried witch, two ghosts and lots of pumpkin.. Yumyum!

And some non-alcoholic drink for the underage courtesy of Rachel and Kau Wee.

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