Monday, November 23, 2009

Vegetarian food around malaysia

I was on a group tour to Malaysia last week and we had vegetarian food throughout the trip. Managed to get food pictures for some of these restaurants.

The 1st stop for breakfast was at Xie Shao Guang's three O cafe in Johor. I have a previous post on this place here. This time I ordered their mian fen kuay (flour bits cooked in soup). It was average - I still prefer their nasi lemak. They have nice organic stir-fried veggies too.

We lunched at Coronation vegetarian restaurant in Seremban - we had so many mock meat dishes, but luckily the mock meat is still not too scary and there were some fruits, veggies and vegetable soup. Style of food is chinese. On Happy cow's website they call it Red tea garden - which was a direct translation from the chinese name.

Address: 2-D Jalan Temiang, 70200 Seremban
Business Hours: 11am - 2.30pm / 5.30pm - 9.30pm
Closed on Wednesdays (Except on 1st and 15th of Lunar Month)

For dinner, we dined at Wan Fo Yuan in Kuala Lumpur - the place is not extremely clean, and again we were served lots of mock meat. After the mock meat dose at lunch I was really scared of mock meat now. This place also serve chinese-styled food. The good point is it is very near KL's Chinatown, and while we were leaving I saw an Indian family, dining on lots of vegetable dishes which looked much better compared to our mock meats. So if you go there, try their vegetable-dominant dishes.
(It was dark and raining, didn't managed to get an image for this one, but its restaurant sign was well lit in the street)
Address: 2, Jalan Panggong (50000) (at 1 street west of Jalan Petaling)

The next day we had a veg breakfast at D'Oriental Inn. Basically it's baked beans, spring rolls, fried noodles. The following day, I had stir fried vegetables, and again spring rolls and baked beans.

If you stay at chinatown and wake early, make a trip down Jalan petaling and the nearby roads like Jalan Hang Lekir as there will be some traditional kueh and breakfast for locals for sale at a cheap price - vegan options available if you can spot them. You can also try their deep fried dough sticks - it's much better than Singapore. But do so at your own risk! News has spread that if the dough sticks can remain crispy even after a few hours, it may be because the unethical vendors melted some plastic in the oil before frying. :s Also, if you are on a tour in Malaysia, the buses will probably drop you at wholesale places like Yong Peng to buy local products to take back home. The prices here are marked up more even though the packaging looks better. For a cheaper option visit some of the roadside stalls at the morning market at Jalan petaling area.

Chuan ren vegetarian eatery. I really have no idea what is the address of this place, but it is at the state of Pahang at Ben Tong, opposite a Hindu temple. Near Genting Highlands. If you manage to find your way there, you will be rewarded with very very cheap food.
Business Hours: 7am - 3pm (telephone in the picture)

And finally - back at Johor. We had dinner at Senwell vegetarian restaurant. The food is good! They do have mock meat, but somehow you won't get scared of eating them, perhaps because the gravy is less dense. Their oatmeal prawns are nice. They also sell Biogreen products, but not cheap! Below you see the MSGless MSG, and the dha-fortified organic soymilk.
Address: No 71, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor Darul Takzim. It is very near sutera mall, at a row of shophouses.

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