Sunday, December 6, 2009

8 treasures vegetarian restaurant - more pictures

Last month, it was Mabel's birthday, Lianli was craving for the food at 8 treasures vegetarian restaurant, and we decide to celebrate Mabel's birthday there.

One of the chef's specialty is honey roast "pork", which I was recommended to try both my visit to the restaurant. Previously I had avoid that dish due to the honey in their special sauce, but Lianli was much more intelligent and she asked the waitress to separate the sauce from the mock meat. I am such a disappointment for not even thinking of that after years of ordering vegan food :p
The chef specialty! I can promise you this is one of the best imitations of mock "pork" I have come across. It was also good on its own, without the honey sauce. Even if you are not a fan of mock meat, you won't be scared of it as the portion is not too large.

We got some mock assam "fish". This was nice as well, without too much mock fish in it.

Veggies, pretty good.

Mushrooms with veggies - this was quite similar to the previous dish.

Previously, these were what I tried at 8 treasures.
Location: 282 South bridge road - beside Buddha tooth relic temple. A note on Buddha tooth relic temple's Lotus heart tea house on second floor: it is no longer in operation.


Clotilde M said...

Very nice pics of dishes!

dreamy said...

Thank you Clotilde :)

Sapna said...

I could have done with the recipe for the mock fish.Nice pictures anyways.

Ronald said...

woww its look delicious, hope i can tried it soon


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