Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chinese new year steamboat and yu sheng

During Chinese new year last month, I decide to get some Veg Yu Sheng (Veg raw "fish" slices) from Kong Meng San.

This was actually the first time I had Yu Sheng in my whole life! And thankfully so that I never had to bite into another's suffering. Can't really comment whether its better than others or not so good. But as a 1st timer, it was good - like a sweet, yet not too sweet salad, and yet not exactly as light as a real vegetable salad. This was the small size Yu Sheng and costs 20 something bucks. Those white stuff in the picture is the Vegetarian Sheng - mum said it was made from radish though I can't really deduce from the taste.

I was also invited to join a CNY veg steamboat lunch at Kong Meng San, thanks to Shi'an. There I had a second round of the same Veg Sheng, follow by the steamboat.

The Mushroom wontons were my favourite.

Close up of the big pot. Mushrooms, veggies, tau pok, mock stuff, etc.

With a healthier, lots-of-veggies-in-the-boat version.

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