Sunday, May 16, 2010

China 2010: Dragon backbone rice terraces

Driving from Guilin, we reached Dragon backbone rice terraces.

Some of the local tribal woman sewing cloth materials - scarves, handphone pouches, sitting mats, small bags, etc. for sale. Do ask if they use silk - those products that look finer usually contains silk. I don't know if they know English.

One day is sufficient if you just wish to have a rough idea of what the rice terraces look like. To fully explore the rice terraces, it is best to stay there for at least two days . There are quite a number of guests houses, and they probably would be able to do up simple vegetarian fare - usually stir-fried veggies grown by themselves or taken from the wild. The one we were brought to made us these..(sorry blur pictures as I forgot to set it to take close-ups).

Wild vegetables - these were picked from the terraces, and they grow almost everywhere.


Bamboo shoots - they were drying some of these out in the sun.


Make sure you ask them for the menu (and note the price!) and tell them to cook the vegetables vegetarian, tell them not to use lard or animal fat, they like to use a lot of these in Guilin.

If you can't speak chinese, it will be better if you can go to V8 hostel - which does veg food. I was a little disappointed because it was just beside the guest house which we were brought to eat and yet I can't check out their dishes. V8 hostel's address is at

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