Monday, May 17, 2010

China 2010: Guangzhou and Zhengcheng

In terms of shopping and food, Guangzhou is definitely a better bet.

While we were in Guangzhou, we visited Da Fo Shi - a Buddhist temple frequented by locals, we did not see anyone resembling a tourist. The locals had a Buddhism practicing session in one of the inner halls when we went. And a vegetarian lunch for them was provided. Outsiders like us can purchase the lunch for 5cny - a big pack with a yam dish, vegetables, gluten dish. We also got a bowl of soup.

At the back of Da Fo Shi, climbing up to the third storey of the white building, there is the Da Fo Shi vegetarian restaurant, which serves good food (and big portions). If you enter the restaurant from the main street, you will also pass by a small shop at the corridor selling rice burgers. Da Fo Shi also has a Buddhist library on the second level.

We had the Fo Guang Pu Zhao - literally "Buddha's Light pervading everywhere" served in a plate and fire lit around the dish.

After the fire died out, its time to dig in. Nice pieces of what seems like some kind of tofu and some veggies.

Ru Yi Xiang Zhai - "Auspicious Fragant Veggies"

Orange juice mock meat (something like that)

Hong Shao Tofu

They ran out of rice. So we got noodles.

The next day we were back. This time we got...
Nian nian you yu - "Leftovers every year". The only thing I found uncomfortable was cutting up this piece of mock stuff, because it was fish-shaped. They shouldn't have made it as such. The mock stuff was nice though.

Bitter gourd

Veggies! Organic ones as they ran out of non-organic ones.

Steamed carrot cake

We joined a one day tour to Zhengcheng's Bai Shui Zhai to see the waterfalls at many levels...

...and have the nicest bowl of Tau Huey I ever had. It was so smoothly made that I end up drinking it.


Anonymous said...

The dishes do look oily, a pt to request them is less oil & less salt when you order food in China.

Wonder why we can't get the same quality of Tau Huey in Spore!
Maybe bec of the water...

dreamy said...

Yes, you are right, dishes in china tend to contain more oil and more salt.

Hmm.. yes maybe the water and their secret receipe. The good weather also made the veggies taste better.

sheryn said...

Nice pics, looks delicious too. Posted yr blog on Vegelock FB.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that no one every leaves directions like what metro line and station and also what landmarks to look for? I realize that this is an common on many post or forums

Alexander M Herpst said...

That looks great, I will have to check it out. If you're ever in Guangzhou again you should check out Pure Sue, a vegan dessert shop.

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