Saturday, May 15, 2010

China 2010: Guilin and Yangshuo

Late April - Early May, I went to Guilin and Guangzhou in China.

Food first. There is practically no 100% vegetarian restaurant in Guilin, besides the one at the temple recommended on Happy Cow's website which I didn't get to go. There is though a nice, posh restaurant having vegetarian options know as Su Shi Wang - literally "vegetarian king", located along Zhengyang pedestrian street. You can't miss it. The name is printed in large Chinese characters on the external elevator at the square. Just take it to the third floor.

Guilin is famous for three dishes - none are vegetarian. But at this place, you can have the vegetarian version of one of their famous three - yam with gluten. The gluten is made to resemble the real meat. This dish is quite filling, best to get like at three to four people in a group to eat it. They serve dairy in some of their dishes, be sure to ask, but I am not sure if they speak English. Try the stir-fry vegetables at this place - they are dairy-free, and taste really much better than what we get from supermarkets in Singapore. For four dishes we paid 74cny.

We sign up for a day tour at one of their local tour agencies, and we went to several nice places including Shi Wai Tao Yuan where you have a nice and short boat ride marveling at mountains and waters, breathing really fresh air..

We also got to tour the Lijiang near Yangshuo..the birds in the picture are used to catch fish for the lady..

One of the villages we went to located beside the lijiang..

Scenery from lijiang..

Vegetarian food was not difficult to get, because in more rural areas, it would be even easier to get the eatery to stir-fry locally grown vegetables which can't be found in Singapore.

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