Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gokul vegetarian restaurant

Sunday is Father's Day, and my dad is a big fan of Indian food. It's been sometime since we had Indian Food together as I have been avoiding Indian cuisine for sometime due to its frequent use of dairy. I was seeking for Indian food that is vegan or could be veganized, and I remembered someone told me that Gokul was vegan friendly. It's time to make a trip down.

Service and ambience were so-so, but the food made up for everything. The waiter informs the food can be prepared without dairy and we only have to pick from the menu. We were served poppadom (crackers) while we wait.

We ordered the mock fish head curry. Curry was thick and great with paratha. Naturally, the curry tasted like Indian cuisine curry, instead of Chinese cuisine curry. The mock fish don't really go well with the curry. But if the curry was done with vegetables, it will be excellent. My dad wolf down almost all the 2 pieces of paratha with that curry.

Tandoori platter. Oven food. Mock chicken, button mushrooms and potatoes, with hot and sour dipping sauce. Good even without the sauce. Mum ate two of that tandoori pieces before I could get a nice picture.

Biryani set. Rice is served with mock meat underneath. The white sauce is not vegan. The best curry to go with the biryani is still the fish head curry.

Restaurant location: 19 Upper Dickson Road

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