Saturday, June 5, 2010

Zen japanese vegetarian restaurant

Besides Shojin Ryori at Enso, we now have a new restaurant featuring japanese vegetarian food - non-shojin ryori style. I head down to the place a few weeks back and it was quite empty, but when I went back the the next two weeks it was getting more and more packed.

I had the yu tofu set and the japanese yam the first round. The Tofu soup is totally bland. You have to add in the sour and salty condiments provided. This is one of the few sets with sushi.

Japanese yam is crunchy and served cool, in a sauce which seemed to be cooked with okra - sticky. Wasabi is most probably the super market type - non-vegan.

The next week, I brought my friend there after Taichi class and I tried their noodle set meal. Tastes ok but not very filling.

The following week, we decided to have Jap food again.
She ordered Chawanmushi. This chawanmushi is made with tofu instead of egg. She says it's nice, but I don't find it nice.

She got herself a set meal of mock stuff, can't remember the name of the set. The mock stuff was pretty crunchy and nice. You get rice, miso soup and the usual pickles, veggies and fruits in that set as well.

I still prefer my Unagi set. Mock unagi was made with tofu in their teriyaki? sauce - pretty special, and not with a dense feeling like most mock meat made from gluten or soy. The tofu was served with lots of rice and it was filling.

Restaurant located at: 122 Middle Road #02-02 Midlink Plaza

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Annie Nguyen said...

I love Asian noodle soups and so thrilled to find a super healthy packaged product that's actually not even processed - it has a spice packet containing ground up spices, brown rice noodles that contains just brown rice, organic green tea, water and salt. And it's so tasty. Such a gem! You can find them here

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