Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vegetarian food at Ci Yan

Ci Yan - actually it's supposed to be "Ci Yuan" since the Chinese is 慈缘。 They don't have a menu, and the available meals of the day is written on a chalkboard. Anyway, who cares.

The last time I been there was for laksa - healthy laksa. This time, I joined the Singapore vegetaran meetup. Ci Yan had Kway chap, 8 treasures porridge, and brown rice set. I went for the Kway Chap. The soup was nice, and the Kway Chap was served with chinese white radish - something you don't see even in vegetarian versions of Kway Chap. For those who love their food bland, they may find this a little more salty. But I like it as it is.

I packed back some brown rice set for the family. My mum - a fan of deep flavours, say it was bland. I found it ok, though it would be better if the veggie portions are larger.

If you are looking for healthier versions of vegetarian food, Ci Yan is definitely the place to go. Ci Yan is located at 8 smith street, Chinatown.

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