Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A vegan mud fudge cake

Somedays back I had a vegan mud fudge cake for my birthday, ordered from Delcie's desserts.

The cake was pretty expensive - $65 for a 1kg cake with a discount coupon, but it was made with organic and healthier ingredients so ok. What I was really disappointed with was the size, it was much smaller than a standard 1kg cake. I had intend to share part of it with my collegues, but it was so small that it's only enough for my family. When I ordered I was expecting an 8 inch cake, but somehow, the actual cake was not that size.

The pros of the cake was, it was really chocolatey and delicious! Dense, heavy, and very filling. A standard slice will leave you pretty filled up. Yummy.

I would love to have the cake again, but only if it was bigger and less pricey.

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