Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vege sensation udon noodles

Some time back I dropped by Vege ssnsation at Serangoon again. The place was very quiet. We were the only customers there only towards the end of our meal did another man came in to the outlet for lunch. And it was during lunch hours! They may be closing down at this rate... as of this post I am not even sure if they are still around. :(

Anyway, while I was there I checked out the seafood udon noodle. The taste is standard.

I think I have been reviewing much of the vegetarian food as "standard" or "ok", which is hardly of any use to readers. I don't know if it's because of years of eating vegetarian food that they all taste rather the same now haha... or it is because of age that the taste buds no longer function that efficiently... or maybe I just wasn't that particular about the taste of food anymore. Anyway, I will try to put in some effort to discriminate better food from the average :)

News: Vegsenz (not vege sensation) has recently opened at fortune centre.

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laura said...

Hi dreamy, when I saw your comments in the last paragraph, I have to tell you that I couldn't agree more. I believe you when you said those foods are just ok or average.

I just find that more (veg stalls) doesn't mean better (veg foods). Many of them simply use a lot of msg and mock meats(esp heavily processed ones) to cheat our tastebuds. They are also very unhealthy.

I just hope they put in more passion in promoting healthy vegetarian/vegan foods. Afterall, we hope to attract more meat-eaters to switch to vegetarian/vegan for healthy eating, not the opposite.

Just a penny. Cheers!

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