Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas Vegan Burger

Veganburg has introduced a merry x'mas burger. I went to try it out the other day. It cost a whooping $7.85. From left to right: Bread, tomato, veg, cranberry sauce, cracked pepper patty, bread.

Nice, but I find the cranberry sweetness doesn't go well with the cracked pepper patty. I still prefer the salty tasting cracked pepper mayo burger.

Next up... Hawaiian Pineapple. I was expecting it to taste better than cracked pepper mayo and the tangy tartar since it cost a dollar more, but no, I still prefer the cheaper burgers.

This burger is certainly more juicy than the rest due to the presence of the pineapple, and you get the pineapple juice dripping onto your hands. The patty wasn't fantastic though. I think I wouldn't mind if the patty was deep fried instead.

And finally... veganburg's 2% fat vegan brown rice ice-cream. (How did they know it's 2% fat?) Anyway, I really don't mind it has more fat if it makes it more creamy. $3.80 a scoop.

The vegan ice-cream tasted like the chocolate version of rice dream. Sorry for the blurry pics, camera's gone and don't intend to get a new one just yet.

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