Monday, December 6, 2010

Vegan burgers in Singapore

My friends and I went to veganburg last month, and got their hot selling burgers - Tangy tatar and cracked pepper mayo. The ambience is rather modern with minimal decor besides slogans urging a healthy meatless diet. The table looks DIY with their own "Veganburg" logo on it.

I prefer the Tangy tatar. But both are nice! Now after so long... I finally had my burger fix! Though it wasn't a cheap one!

On the left is the tangy tatar. I exchanged half of my burger with one of my friend's who got a cracked pepper mayo (right). See they save the paper box used to put the burger in and just use a metal tray. Thumbs up!

We also had their homemade soup - which was like minestrone soup. The soup really taste homely - like the one my mum made. We also had ther vegan franks - which tasted scarily like real.

I ordered their wheat grass drink, and later realised should have tried their coffee or something that is not usually vegan. Having been used to look out for non-vegan stuff, I have forgotten than I could eat in peace in this place! HA!

The are located at Eunos - 44 Jalan Eunos Singapore 419502, opens 11am to 10pm.


Anonymous said...

Haha... I've been there before lately. The food is a fantastic substitute for a fast-food lover especially cater for any vegans/vegetarians. How much i wish they could franchise it like Macdonald so that more people can choose healthier food without killing any animals!

dreamy said...

Yes I hope to see more veganburg outlets too! And hopefully a lower price of the burgers to compete with the usual burger industry.

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