Friday, December 24, 2010

Vegetarian Society's VCD packing 2010

It's the time to pack Seeds for a better world VCDs for Vegetarian Society again and last sunday, we packed about 6000 VCDs for free distribution. If you haven't got one and would like to watch, you can view the contents here.

I love doing "factory style" work once in a while where you work as part of a production line. It is quite thrapeutic for the mind compared to work where you have to think, analyse, classify, etc. :S

Dinner as a reward after strained shoulders and necks...

Salad - always so refreshing! It brings to memories Shakib's salad I had last Christmas.

Rojak! Another nicely done dish! Yummy and refreshing!

Soon Kueh, no sauce to go with it, but the filling is ok.

Fried noodles that are nice on their own...

... or served with veggies and gravy


One of the nicest veg chicken rice...

The recipe for this is located here. Page 9 of the pdf.

Dinner time is already over in Singapore, but not if you stay further to the West. Please, please watch the Seeds video and make a kinder choice for dinner this Christmas eve by choosing vegetarian.

As for the big day itself tomorrow, please too make a kinder choice wherever you are staying. It's the season of giving, we shouldn't do the opposite by taking that which is most precious to the animals.

Have a Merry and Peaceful Christmas!

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