Monday, January 31, 2011

Lao Yu Kee Vegetarian Food Stall

This vegetarian food stall is located at Albert Centre market and food centre unit number #01-75.

It has the traditional mixed veg-rice which is pretty cheap. Last time I ordered 3 vegetables + brown rice for only $2.30. It also has a few other items such as vegetarian popiah, yam cake, rojak, and lor mai kai.

Today, I will share with you the yam cake and popiah, from this stall. Sorry the pictures are a bit blur.

Veg yam cake. This was my mum's favourite. The yam cake has a slight pepper flavour, and topped with traditional sauce and chilli paste. The usual yam cakes are not vegetarian because they use shrimp in the sauce or paste.

Veg popiah. I like it without the chilli where you can really taste what you are eating. I think there is too much chilli or pepper served with local vegetarian food. Most of the time the food is cooked with chilli or pepper or served optionally with chilli. It's like you need to mask the flavour with these spices otherwise it wouldn't taste nice! It's the same with non-veg stuff. If you look at the cookbooks for meat eaters, you will realised they always have to mask it with onions, garlics, leeks, chilli, pepper etc. otherwise no one will want to buy that cookbook.
Alright enough ranting here's the pic. This popiah is with chilli.

If you take the flight of stairs up Albert Centre, you will see several wholesale stores selling dried foodstuff. You can get your bulk staple items from there - wolfberries, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, cashews, mushrooms just to name a few. Or you can stock up on some of your Chinese new year goodies. Here's a pack of yummy seaweed crackers from there. Yummy!


laura said...

Hi Dreamy, I tried the yam cake, popiah and glutinous rice today. I like all of them - the taste and price and will return for more. Thanks to you :-)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I could not find the stall and saw a similar named stall selling non-veg economical rice. Can someone please confirm?

dreamy said...

Hi Anonymous, I will check out this weekend and let u know again...

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