Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chinese New Year (Malaysia)

Chinese new year was just over. This year I spent it in Malaysia amongst the sights and sounds of firecrackers, fireworks, gambling, and good old kampong (village) which isn't so kampong anymore. It was certainly more fun than in Singapore where there's practically nothing, but also more polluting for the environment.

Even after more than 25 years in Singapore, I still like Malaysia. You can sleep late and wake early there without getting tired unlike here. It's really much more relaxing and laid back. Everything is slower and there are lots of space to walk, breathe, be free and have some personal space. The only thing that isn't really that good is the inaccessibility and lack of veg food.

Back to CNY, some of my relatives getting ready a Kong Ming Deng ready to be raised into the air.

What happens is, you write your wishes on the lantern, and light up the bottom and it works like a hot air balloon and rises into the air. As it rise higher and higher, it will look like a glowing dot in the sky.

My cousin was really kind and bought Vegetarian Yu Sheng so that everyone, including the vegan, can lo hei.

With our own veg crackers added in.

And after everyone wished themselves prosperity for the new year and grab their fair share of the prosperity...

This post contains a picture of the laid back kampong (My grandma's village) I stayed at.
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