Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ci Hang Vegetarian

Ci Hang Vegetarian is located within seconds of walking from aljunied MRT. The people were very polite and relaxing music was played in the background. On Monday I manage to get there for my lunch because the only veg food stall near my workplace was closed.

I ate rice almost every weekday lunch from the same stall for more than 3 years at work, so I wanted to try something different - noodles, I love noodles. But in the end, I went for rice... $5.50 for their rice set of the day.

Pumpkin and legume soup. Seaweed, veg and tofu. Served with brown rice.

The taste is light and brings out the natural flavours of the food itself. You won't find yourself tasting vegetarian oyster sauce instead of vegetables, or oil and chilli instead of food in this set. It tasted really home cooked. Not oily at all.


Kia said...

Hi!I like your blog, I dicover it now!^__^
I'm vegan and if you want come in my Equo, eco e vegan blog e tell me if you like it! Bye, Kia

Ami's Vegetarian Delicacies said...

hi nice to meet a vegan living close by, we r vegetarians, lived in singapore before now living in kl. It is quiet difficult to get veg options in sing/malaysia compared to western world. I'm not fan of mock meat so i go for indian vegetarian. tnx for sharing info about veg restaurants.

you may chk out my blog for some veg recipes

Anonymous said...

Hi Kia,
Nice blog :) Is it easy to get vegan food in Italy?

Hi Ami,
In malaysia it is indeed a little more difficult unless you go to a non-veg place and ask the person to dish you a veg dish up. But in Singapore, veg places are abundant and easily accessible as it is a small country.


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