Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Arts Deli

Located in a rather out of the way place in the East of Singapore, Happy Arts Deli is a vegetarian cafe situated in the quiet estate of Simei. I had been wanting to go there for a meal but it is so far east of Singapore, today I finally had my chance. Happy arts Deli is a branch of the Happy Arts Enterprise which was established as the social enterprise arm of Metta Welfare Association to provide vocational training and create employment opportunities for youths aged 18 and above with mild intellectual disability and/or autism.

They have an ala carte menu which had quite a big list of items to choose from. Most of the food are cooked chinese style. If you are lazy to think just grab their "dish of the day". Today it was Dou Po Noodles.

A standard chinese styled noodle soup containing flavoured tou pok. I can't really tell where the difference is compared with other noodle dishes, perhaps the soup based is different. Many vegetarian places can do their food well if they are fried / stir-fried / gravied. But when it comes to soup, most can't make it without the use of lots of salt, msg, pepper, chilli etc. In terms of this soup noodle dish, it's a little better than some other soup noodles I have eaten before.

Soup and free dessert which I didn't try.

The dishes there look very appetizing. Let's have a peep at what the other's are eating. The hand in the bottom left looks eerie, don't worry, it belongs to the man in the bottom left.

Location is
32 Simei Street 1 S(529950), it's across the road from Melville park condo when you are on Simei road. If you are taking MRT, nearest is Simei, but there's quite a distance to walk.
Happy arts website

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