Friday, April 8, 2011

Ci Yin Vegetarian

Got to savour some food from Ci Yin at Serangoon the other day during lunch. I have never heard of this outlet and it's hidden among the HDB flats.

The price of the food at this place is not that fantastic - especially if you are considering the better looking dishes with pictures. The Zi Char at this place is more reasonably priced - I had my Hor Fan at $3.50. Very reasonable.

The great thing about this place is the veggies are not over-done even for Zi Char dishes. The veggies still retained their taste - fresh and sweet, the carrot was almost raw. You see quite a considerable portion of veggies used instead of the usual one or two stalk of veggies. They don't use a whole lot of mock meat too. And their place does not use eggs.

My colleagues had the Kway teow soup. She said the soup tasted herby.

My other colleague had the claypot noodles.

Overall the conclusion was the food at this place was slightly above average.

Address: Blk 152 Serangoon North Avenue 1 #01-336
The place is not near an MRT. But the nearest would be Hougang, Serangoon or Kovan.


Billy said...

In honor of Marly ( for calling out The Huffington Post on their not so friendly vegan sandwich article, it's an all Vegan weekend on We've always been vegan friendly (a big chunk of our staff are vegans), but this weekend, we're going all out!

FYI, Huff Post made good and did a vegan version of their article (some really GREAT recipes). So there's no love lost.

The Hungry Ang Mo said...

Good little post!

Ci Yin is fast becoming one of my favourite eateries in Singapore. But I've yet to try the dishes you've sampled. If you're planning on a return visit, the spicy sambal fish ranks among one of the tastiest dishes I've tried in Singapore. The dudu claypot is also superb.

Keep up the good work!

Hungry Ang Mo

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