Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kampung Senang vegetarian food

If you are looking for healthy veg food you should visit Kampung Senang.

We got this really healthy tea break cum dinner by Kampung Senang during the VSS AGM.
Brown rice, pasta, pumpkin, raw salad, seaweed, greens, sprouts. The food is lightly flavoured and you can taste the original taste of the veg itself, instead of some condiment. (Very much reminds of the food at Ci Hang) There was also soup on the side and a healthy drink made of some kind of flower if I didn't remember wrongly.

The also sell some vegetables grown from their own farm without pesticides and also other imported organic vegetables, enzymes, etc. Not all are vegan though, so please check with them.

I also got and organic vegan Fruit & Seed Olive Bread made locally $5.00 (not made by Kampung Senang, but sold at their store). They use Organic wheat sprout, organic wheat flour, organic extra virgin olive oil, chia seeds, mix seeds, cocoa powder, dates, apricot, raisins, distilled water, himalayan salt and yeast. Quite a mouthful of good stuff. They have a variety of other organic bread as well.

Check them out at:
Block 106, aljunied Crescent #01-205
Singapore 380106


Eunice said...

I'm intrigued by this. Hope I can squeeze into my schedule Kampu Senang. I would also want to experience their vegetarian food there. Thanks for the tip!

dreamy said...

Welcome Eunice!

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