Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yuan Su vegetarian restaurant @ Lavendar food square

Went for dinner with my family the other day at Yuan Su vegetarian restaurant 缘素素食馆 at lavendar food square. Although it's not exactly a restaurant, yuan su has a traditional restaurant menu. You have the chef's speciality (mostly mock meat dishes), veggies, tofu dishes, set dishes for 1 pax.

My family got mock ku lou yok and rice + soup...standard taste. $4.50

Sour and sweet mock chicken and rice + soup...standard taste. $4.50

Looks the same but they are actually different. The gravy they used taste rather similar though.

I got xin hua noodles...$5.00

That black mass you see is actually fried seaweed. This was quite interesting and nice when mixed with the noodles.

Spicy claypot brinjal...$8.00 - nice when served with rice.

Except for the brinjal, the portions for the rest are quite big. Overall the food there is ok.

Address: 380 Jalan Besar. The store is located at the corner.


Admin said...

It looks like delicious thanks for sharing this :)

lattanzilara said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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