Monday, April 18, 2011

Yuan yuan thai vegetarian restaurant

Drop by yuan yuan for lunch after hearing all the reviews about this place.

Got their siam style flat rice noodles for $5. I had always thought I was pretty good at eating spicy/hot stuff. But now I raise the white flag. This dish was very very spicy and you really need an iron tummy, an iron tongue, sit near the air-conditioner, and get ready some tissue. Even the food in Bangkok can't beat this is terms of spiciness. I hardly dared drink much of the the soup, but I can guarantee you the dish taste sweet + salty + sour + spicy at the same time, with a few veggies, mushrooms, mock meat and a small portion of flat rice noodles. But don't worry, you will get filled up with all the spiciness!

If you are not a big fan of spiciness, there are probably some other dishes which were not hot or less hot.

They are located at Geylang Lor 27, near Yes! Natural.


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

Good review!

I also have had my tongue scolded by the spicy Thai food from this place in the past. But there are lots of dishes on the menu that don't have much bite to them.

Great review, keep up the good work!


dreamy said...

Hi Luke, thanks for dropping by :)
Yea I will definitely go back and try their less spicy dishes!

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