Monday, May 2, 2011

Cakes from vegan cake baking class

I went for Halimah's Classic vegan cake baking class on Saturday. It was very good, you get to be hands-on instead of just pouring in pre-mixed stuff. Even if you are a total newbie to baking things like me, you can still learn how to do some vegan cakes in no time. The only area where you will need time for improvement is the decorating part... that was not that easy and required some skill.

We learnt how to do the vegan black forest cake and the vegan American carrot cake with lemonbutter cream.

The dry and wet ingredients for the carrot cake after preparation.

After the cake was baked and cooling

DIY vegan frosting cream

Completed and devoured vegan american carrot cake

This was the blackforest cake we learnt. This was harder and takes longer because you got to do the frosting and layer the cake with frosting.

If you want to learn some vegan baking you can look up her class schedule here, the cooking / baking classes are conducted at her home.

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