Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jiu Hua Shan (China) - Part 2

After walking about Jiu Hua Jie (九华街)and visiting Bai Sui Gong (百岁宫)the 1st day, we went up to the Tian Tai summit area on the 2nd day.

The weather was misty accompanied with misty drizzle - really cool and windy. It was a sharp contrast to the previous day which was very sunny and hot. However, such misty weather obstructs the scenery when we went to the summit.

The cable car wait was very long and took about an hour to queue. After alighting from the cable car, we took the path up to the summit of the 10 kings (十王峰) - the highest peak on Jiu Hua Shan at about 1300 m. It was not easy walking up these steps, at some parts the steps are very narrow and steep you have to "crawl" up the steps.

Up one flight of steep steps.

But it was rewarding to reach the summit of the 10 kings. If you take this path it should take you about 1 hour's climb and its almost tourist free. If you take the other path (which tourists take), it leads you directly to the Tian Tai Temple (天台寺), this path is easier to walk.

From the 10 kings summit, you can descend to the Tian Tai summit and Tian Tai Temple.

Descend from ten kings summit

Tian Tai temple almost enshrouded in mist

At Tian Tai temple, we thought lunchtime was over since it was quite late, but they had this vegetarian buffet lunch in the dining hall opened to pilgrims and visitors alike. Rice with 5 different dishes. Potato, chinese radish, carrots, bak choy and seaweed. All were tasty! 10 chinese yuan.

We descend the steps down to feng huang song (凤凰松) to see the attractions and scenery along the path, unfortunately the mist did not clear and you can't see very far.

Thick mist throughout the descend

Feng Huang Song

Finally we descend the mountain back to the Jiu Hua Shan vegetarian restaurant (九华山素食馆) for dinner.

"Mutton" flavored bean curd sticks. This dish has a strange, interesting kind of taste which I have never come across before, it just made me thought it originate from some part of China where there's a large number of Muslims.

Hot plate gluten with peppers. This was really good!

Stir-fried bamboo shoots - bamboo shoots are widely eaten in China. But I am not a fan of this kind of bamboo shoot.

Spicy fried "chicken" with legumes. This was another dish well done. If you leave it overnight, it will taste even better. They use a lot of dried chilli for this dish and it's pretty spicy.

This bill is 165 chinese yuan.

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