Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gaia vegetarian restaurant (Hong Kong)

Went to Hong Kong again this time it was a company trip. It's good to have a vegetarian colleague in the company, and we broke off from the rest to have lunch at Gaia vegetarian restaurant. This cafe styled restaurant is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The place was clean and staff were friendly.

I ordered stir-fried nian gao (glutinuous rice slices) and my colleague got a Japanese bento set. On top of that we got a plate of sushi. My collegue had their signature avocado and cheese bread which unfortunately isn't vegan. Big portions extremely full. We were lucky as the menu was half-off so in total we spend about SGD$10 per pax (exchange rate SGD 1 : HKD 6.2)

They served you some edamame before your order is served.

Super big bowl of japanese bento, pretty nice, the mock meat isn't scary at all.

Stir-fry nian gao, this was rather ok.

After we realised the avocado bread wasn't vegan, I had to stuff almost the whole plate of sushi - which were quite big size. The mock salmon look pretty real, sometimes, I wished they won't make imitation meat so real, it really makes you doubt even in a full-fledged veg place.

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Sam At H.E.S.H. said...

Wow! That looks lovely, it makes my mouth water. I hope I can go to HK tomorrow and them! Thanks for sharing. :)

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