Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vegan food on Singapore Airlines

If you are flying with Singapore airlines, they offer several vegan options, although it is not explicitly stated in the description on their website.

The western vegan meal is obvious (VGML), so is the raw vegetarian meal (RVML). However, the rest are less obvious even though they stated dairy-free.

I wrote in to enquire about their Vegetarian oriental meal (VOML) and the Jain meal (VJML), and they have confirm that these two options are suitable for vegans, except that the Jain meal may be served with yoghurt separately from the main meal.

Anyway I had a return flight from SQ and got their Jain meal (which in my opinion is better than oriental meal).

1st flight:

2nd flight:


Sheena said...

good to know!!
great post

bkankur said...

Thank you for Info

dreamy said...

Dear Sheena and bkankur,

Welcome, hope it is useful!

Anonymous said...

Just be careful because Jain's eat dairy, and a lot of their food may contain butter (ghee)! Singapore airlines now offer a Vegan option, anyhow, so that would be safer if you're stricter.

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