Saturday, July 2, 2011

West lake (China)

After touring at Pu tuo shan(普陀山) and Jiu hua shan(九华山), we travelled a few more places before going back to Hangzhou(杭州), where we visited the Lei Feng Pagoda(雷锋塔) and jing ci temple (净慈寺) at West lake(西湖).

Jing Ci temple was build for Zen master Yong Ming Yan Shou (永明延寿禅师) and it is famous for the sound of it's temple bell in the evening which can be heard across the West lake.

You can get the vegetarian braised tofu (2 yuan)

and vegetarian mock "goose" (5 yuan)

which is made of bean curd skin. They are sold within the temple premises and great for a snack. Both are yummy. The pigeons in the temple like the veg goose too and gobble them down in no time.

After the snacks, we cross the road to Lei Feng Ta. The current one is newly build above the ruins of the older one which collapsed in 1924 due to people taking the foundation bricks. The old Lei Feng Ta has an underground cavern which holds one of the Buddha's hair relics, Buddha images and some other artifacts and some of the bricks are carved with Buddhist sutra.

Ruins from the old pagoda

The Buddha's relic is enshrine within

The ancient Buddha statue retrieved from the underground cavern and now presented in the museum

Then it's time for an early dinner before catching the flight back to Singapore. Right beside the Jing Ci temple is the vegetarian restaurant Jing Lian Ju 净莲居素斋.

Everyone went for the soupy noodles, they aren't that fantastic but the portions are really big. Three different type of noodles, but all seemed to be cooked in the same soup broth with almost the same taste. The mock meat used sort of turn me off, so I would suggest ordering the 素面 because it doesn't use any mock meat (should be 10 or 12 chinese yuan). Serve it with the table chilli and you get a very filling meal. If you have a bigger group with you, try their rice and set dishes, I think that would be a better option.


Sunny said...

Wow, sounds like you are not following a packaged tour but free & easy on your own?

dreamy said...

Hi Sunny,

Yes, we went free and easy. More flexible.

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