Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Original Sin

The only vegetarian restaurant in Singapore serving Mediterranean food. The price is steep but the food is good and different from the usual veg food in Singapore. Pretty good ambience with both indoor and alfresco dining options.

Mezze platter - I would really recommend this dish. You can ask them to prepare it vegan for you. although it's a vegetarian restaurant, a large number of dishes use cheese so look out! There will signs on the menu that show whether a dish can be prepared vegan. Service staff are familiar with the vegan term.

Vegan apple strudel - Pretty good one, again recommended if you are ordering dessert.

Some of the dishes including the mezze platter cannot be prepared without onions and garlics, again it will be indicated on the menu. They also have more familiar items like spaghetti and pizza on the menu that can be prepared vegan, but the vegan pizza doesn't use vegan cheese.

The place is at 43 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee gardens.


Hovkonditorn said...

I like the food at Original Sin. My favorite dish is the risotto patty and the mzeze platter is also really good!

dreamy said...

I haven't had the chance to try the risotto, hope it can be veganize!

Irene @ H.E.S.H. said...

Tasty Blog. The foods look delicious and the ambiance of the place is great. If ever I will visit Singapore, this restaurant would be part of my places to visit.

Anonymous said...


I see that you recommend quite a number of vegan restaurants. As I will be having my birthday in November, could you kindly advice or recommend me some restaurant that serves nice food and also the ambience is great for gathering?

Thank you

dreamy said...

Hi anonymous,

Original Sin, Loving Hut, and 8 treasures serves nice food imo. For 8 treasures and original sin, it's best to check with them the dishes that can be prep vegan before ordering.

Anonymous said...

ooooh I am so excited. I am from Germany and in february i fly for the first time to Singapore and I have already picked out a few addresses. I hope that i can survive there as a vegan. :)

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