Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vegetarian wedding lunch

I had waited so long for someone to invite me to their full-fledged vegan wedding! My wish was finally fulfilled yesterday and what an experience! Imagine you don't have to wait for the waitress to serve you your own vegetarian version of whatever the non-vegetarians at the table are eating. You just get to dive into the main dish and enjoy it with the other vegetarian friends in the same table!

My friend held his wedding at the Regent Hotel and it was a 7-course vegan lunch, which didn't leave me over-stuffed with food as compared to some other wedding dinners I went to.

The 1st dish was the Cold Combination Platter
(Shredded Mango, Rock Melon, Honeydew with Sesame Seeds and Chinese Croissant). Basically fruits served with small pieces of dough fritters and fried enoki mushrooms. This dish was sweet and yummy :)

Then came the Double-boiled Bamboo Pith Soup with Three Treasures. I love bamboo pith soups, and this one was nicely done.

Next up is the Stir-fried sliced vegetarian goose with button mushrooms and seasonal vegetables. This was the only dish with mock soy meat - and the soy meat reminds you of vegetarian bak kwa - just that it was a different seasoning. The vegetables were done nicely.

Braised shred vegetarian abalone with black mushrooms and seasonal vegetables. The mushroom used as the mock abalone was the best. The others were rather average.

Stir-fried Kong Bao monkey head mushrooms and cashew nuts in Sichuan style. This was rather average a bit too spicy, it would be better if they used more monkey head mushrooms.

Vegetarian fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf. This was ok, but I prefer a deeper flavour - more oil more salt and more unhealthy.

Warm yam paste with gingko nuts and coconut milk. This was the best! Yummy!


Edanator said...

Very nice! :-)

The letter J said...

You are so lucky! I have attended many non vegetarian weddings, and it can be rather awkward to be the only vegetarian with my own veg set. Not that I really mind! ;) but I really can't help frowning when the shark fin soup course arrives. D:

Irene @ H.E.S.H. said...

WOW a vegan party! I have been dreaming to organize one or even to be invented. I bet you have a whole array of vegan food choices. This inspired me to organize my own simple vegan party.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, did all the guests take to the vegan food? I am going to hold a vegetarian wedding party but I'm not sure if guests would take to it well.

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