Sunday, October 2, 2011

World vegetarian day celebration

Happy belated world vegetarian day! Yesterday, I celebrated world vegetarian day with a free vegan buffet, cupcake decoration and vegan ice cream @ 8 treasures veg restaurant.

Buffet was provided by 8 treasures and came with cold side dishes as well as main dishes.
Main dishes: Veg curry mutton, lily bulb and bamboo fungus with broccoli, fragrant veg "honey" lime chicken, sweet and sour veg fish, veg peking duck with crispy lettuce wrap, beancurd with monkey head mushrooms, olive fried rice. The food in general was much lighter in taste than what I remember eating from this restaurant. The curry, fragrant veg "honey" lime chicken and sweet sour veg fish tops the list of buffet food served.

Shark finless soup, pretty nice. In this soup you get the "real" mock fin. Some cheaper versions use cellophane noodles in replacement of the mock fin which is not as nice.

Cold dish: Rojak before mixing. I like this, nice and refreshing.

Cold dish 2: Green salad with sesame dressing. This was so-so. The dressing reminds me of the Japanese yam dressing at Zen japanese vegetarian restaurant.

The thai style jelly fish made from seaweed strips were gone before I get to sample hah... I heard it was very nice! But they gave the recipe and where to get this seaweed strip which I will share in the next post.

We got to see a cupcake baking demo by Halimah and decorate our own cupcakes. I simply LOVE decorating the cupcakes. It feels so therapeutic - could imagine after a long day of computer work, just sitting there decorating cupcakes without the need to tax your brain further. How wonderful!

You can get information for her baking classes from her facebook

Brown rice ice cream from brownice. This vegan ice cream surprised me by its rich creamy texture, instead of the usual icy crystal taste. The difference is that it doesn't melt as readily as the usual milk ice cream, and that you can tell it's not made from milk from the taste. They use organic brown rice I heard. Anyway go try it out. I was informed they are at the basement at Central.

What's even more wonderful is that you get a free goodie bag in the end. I love goodie bags :)

They hold this 100% free event every year on world vegetarian day 1st October. So keep a look out for it. If I get any news about the registration for this event next year, I'll post it up.


Irene @ H.E.S.H. said...

The best holiday for all vegans! Next to Christmas this is next celebration I am looking forward to. I love the foods and activities entailed with this celebration.

Ash said...

I had no idea about this at all! So annoyed I missed it. :< Thanks for the heads up though

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