Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bather's cafe and restaurant

Hidden in a quiet area (sunset way, clementi arcade) this western restaurant has a slow and relaxing ambiance. This isn't a vegan or vegetarian restaurant. Was there with my company yesterday for an 8 course Christmas dinner, and my vegan menu was prepare in advance. When dining in a non-veg place, you always have to cross your fingers they don't screw things up for you. But the chef knows this "vegan" stuff well so this isn't a worry. I was quite please with the food served.

1st course: Broccoli, cucumber and fruits with balsamic vinegar

This dish was ordinary.

2nd course: Salad with mushroom

The mushrooms were very very nice - I wished there were more.

3rd course: Ravioli in clear broth

This was considered unconventional to me since I was more familiar with chinese dumplings. The fillings were carrots and cucumber and the skin was very thin. Chinese dumplings usually have a thicker, non-see through skin. But I was impressed it cooked without breaking apart. Wonder if it was done by pouring hot broth onto it. (Next post I will put up some pictures on home made dumplings. After my first experience with making dumplings, and how easy and healthy it was, I was hooked. Next would be to buy a pasta maker to speed up the dumpling skin making process.)

4th course: Mushroom soup

This was good, if it would come with vegan cream I would expect it to be awesome.

5th course: Plain aglio with mushroom

This was quite nice, I had it with no garlic, but still the pasta was done nicely.

6th course: Mashed potato with jam

Love this. When it came, I thought: Fried dough fritter with chilli? This was the best, the fried exterior isn't too oily, and the potato retains it's mash nicely. The salty taste blends so well with the sweetness of the jam.

7th course: "Rosti"

The potato sticks were really nice.

8th course: Fruits

Obviously vegan :)

Wishing you an your family a wonderful Christmas and new year! Please go vegan for Christmas.


Roxanne said...

Looks and obviously tasted great! I liked the mashed potatoes idea.

j said...

The gourmet plates of food are so artistically done, but there isn't much on the plate. The good thing is that you get to have so many little plates with taste and looks being important. You eventually get filled up.

jhailstone said...

It looks like you had fun with all that gourmet food. It's nice that you can have the taste and visual appeal. I've never been to a restaurant like that, but it looks fun.

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