Friday, December 2, 2011

Veg food in shah alam, malaysia

Shah alam is about 25km from Kuala lumpur in Malaysia, and there are also quite a few vegetarian restaurants in that area - provided you can find them! I went with a group of veg friends and we were driven around by a local friend they know, so it wasn't much of a problem veggie hunting. I am unable to get the actual directions to the veg places shown here. However, these places are located near the Buddhist association of Shah alam.

Qi Lai Zhai vegetarian eatery More of a coffee shop setting, the menu is packed with dishes that are served with mock meat.

As usual I go for soup noodles, one of my favorite type of meal. The dish was so-so, like the normal veg stall kind of soup noodles served in Singapore.

This stir-fried noodles was recommended by a local diner. Better than the soup noodles, but still about the same as the normal stir fry noodles.

The place also sell lots of vegetarian dried goods and snacks, and at a much better price compared to Singapore as always!

Jack vegetarian is a vegetarian stall located in a coffee shop. You can's see the vegetarian stall if you drive by as it is facing inside. Not a lot of dishes available, and when we went, there were no curry noodles! Sob... If you go malaysia, always eat their curry noodles. In my grandmother's village, the people often eat curry noodles.

I went for the dry noodles - another dish you should try. But the dry noodles here isn't really fantastic.

Others gave the prawn noodles a go...

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