Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hozen vegetarian cafe

A nice place to chill out near bugis. Ambience is clean, quiet and comfortable. The staff were very friendly and nice, I went with my friends and we sat there from lunch till around dinner time, they never chase us out. Not all the dishes are vegan, so be sure to ask about dairy ingredients!

When you first enter, you will be served a small shot of cold enzyme.

Next up, soup of the day. I love this soup, it was very clear and light.

I had the dragon fruit fried rice, which looks pretty exotic. The taste was so-so imo, with a stronger tinge of sweetness than other fried rice. But both my friends love it though.

The tom yam fried rice was great (no picture), so was the Hainanese rice.

Veg calamari rings.

Homemade Plum Hawthorn tea

Dessert of the day


VeganAsh said...

I just realised we both reviewed Honzen within one month of each other :) I loved the tom yam fried rice too!

Denise said...

this looks amazing! I gotta try this (:

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