Sunday, March 25, 2012

Real food cafe

Located at Central basement @ Clarke Quay. You certainly have to try their food. Serving a variety of dishes from Quinoa burgers to dumpling noodles, plenty for you to choose from. Love their simple, no-frills ambience.

Their menu offers anything from vegan to ovo-lacto, there are onion/garlic dishes and those without.

Vegetable and mushroom soup - one of the nicer soups I have tasted.

Daily Brown Rice set - this is for anyone who wants a healthier and low oil, low fat kind of food. Their sauces and gravies use for the different vegetables is really unlike what I have eaten before at other veg establishments.

Mushroom aglio olio - This was rather normal, if you love garlic, you'll love this.

Rojak - Refreshing and light, I would give it slightly above average.

Dry dumpling noodles - even for a vegetarian, this is too plain to pass for it's price, but I think most people won't go to Real Food Grocer for chinese food.

Most of the food are pretty good and really healthy. But IMO none can beat the vegan brown rice ice-cream - a fix of vegan Brown rice ice-cream, to bring down your vegan ice-cream fever, and empty your wallet too. This magnum styled ice-cream costs a whooping $5.80 a stick. But trust me, it really brings down your vegan ice-cream fever for the time being. Beats rice-dream anytime. They have a stronger ice-cream fix - that will set you back by $9.80.


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

They supposedly sell curry flavoured ice cream also, which I really wanted to try. It wasn't been sold last time I visited though.


dreamy said...

Curried flavoured!! Also by brown-ice?

ItsNees! said...

It looks like his food would be delicious. I wonder if there's one of these in my area...

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