Monday, April 9, 2012

Vegan vietnamese dishes

Last month marked my first trip to Vietnam, and my 1st experience with traditional vietnamese dishes. Most of the time I was at Ho Chi Minh city, with couple of short trips to Cu Chi Tunnels and Vung Tau beach. There isn't much to do at Vung Tau at night, quiet streets, not a lot of people around, but if you like a slow day just hanging around, it's pretty good.

Vietnamese dishes are quite bland, and very low in oil, a lot of veggies - even if you are non-vegetarian. Didn't get to sample food from the veg eateries at all since I was with a tour group.

The classic - veggies wrapped in vietnamese rice sheets, mix with soy based sauce on the side.

This is just simple stir-fry of veggies served with crackers

Rice noodle soup

Filtered vietnamese coffee - this is something you don't want to miss even if you don't drink coffee

You wait and while away your time while the coffee goes drip drip drip into the cup.


If you want your coffee or other supplies, Ben thanh market has them. Ben thanh has almost everything especially gifts. Remember to haggle.

I was staying at District 1 at Ho Chi Minh, and there was one hotel breakfast with quite a number of middle eastern food which were vegan. Especially like the hummus.


Steffi said...

I'm surprised that you think Vietnamese food is bland - it's not spicy, but one of the most fragrant and fresh cuisines in the world- though to be honest, I didn't find the food in HCMC as good as in the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

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dreamy said...

Hi Steffi,

Yes, vietnamese food is fresh and you get to taste the actual taste of the individual ingredients. But I don't know, somehow the place we were brought to, the food was rather bland, except for the rice wrapped veggie rolls with the soy-based sauce. Then again it was the last day of the trip, so maybe I was too tired.

Which part of vietnam serves better food, do you have any idea?

Vegan Iowan said...

We have a large Tai Dam population in Des Moines and the plethora of Vietnamese restaurants has spared me SO many plain portobello burgers at restaurants. I don't find it to be bland at all!

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