Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bamboo House

Been to bamboo house a couple of times - it's a vegan eatery, and a very quiet and nice place where you can eat in peace.

Sesame soba, it's a bit dry and sticky, but it is nice :)

Coral jelly in soy milk served cold, I love this yummy!

Organic green tea soy milk latte, my first vegan latte, seriously. And it is nice :)

Healthy, mock-meat free ba kut teh. Their ba kut teh used freezed tofu that gave it a very special texture when cooked in soup, I was inspired very much by that tofu. The brown rice is mixed with 素食三宝 - nutritional yeast, soy lecithin, wheat germ.

You can be sure that the dishes at bamboo house will leave you light, and not feeling fat and heavy after eating. No MSG, some organic ingredients, no stir-fried or deep-fried oil, no mock meat :) and crystal music in the peaceful ambience.

Their facebook page here
Blk 121, Hougang Ave 1 (off Lorong Ah Soo), #01-1348, Singapore 530121


Sunny said...

Oh, the Coral Jelly looks so tempting!
Wish to visit it soon...

dreamy said...

Yes, it's very nice, I love the coral jelly. The soy latte also quite nice. Just went there again the other day, will post some pics soon :)

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