Monday, August 27, 2012

Rendang Burger at vegan burg

I had a terrible craving for vegan burgers for some time... so when my colleague said "Let's lunch at vegan burg" it was really wonderful!

There has been some changes when I went, the tangy tartar burger is gone from the list :(. Now only the cracked pepper mayo is still at $5.80. But they have a shrooms burger which I haven't got the opportunity to try. I went for their special rendang burger.

The taste nice :) - yummy curry. It feels a little like eating Indian bread with curry after a while. But being a fan of curry, it's still nice in my opinion. For those avoiding onions, there is a slice in it. I don't like their onion slices, it's too strong. My colleague also did not like the onion in her burger.

Thought I will show the picture of spinach pops... again this contains some onion stuff, but it is incredibly well done - though the oil used to fry them seems to be needing a change. The fries were dark too and not as golden brown as last time!

and Franks - same standard as before, still as awesome... I would give it the best vegan franks I ever had.

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