Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tung Lok Classics vegetarian food

This post is not about Ling Zhi vegetarian restaurant. It is about Tung Lok Classics at orchard parade hotel. I was there for a wedding dinner and their vegetarian dishes were good! Again like Ling Zhi, they do not use mock meat. A couple of the dishes and the dessert unfortunately, used dairy, which I did not get to try. Nevertheless, the rest of the dishes were sufficiently well done to bestow happiness :)

Pumpkin soup.

Veggies and mock fish made with beancurd skin and fried.


Bridge! I can't remember what is was made with - probably old cucumber. I remember this dish was served with very well done gravy.

Lotus leaf rice.

I like it that they do not have a lot of deep fried unhealthy stuff. Other weddings I attend usually serve a lot of deep fried mock meats and made you full so fast. Here, you don't get really bursting, but just right. But then, I believe if the wedding was held at Ling Zhi, it will be awesome!

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