Sunday, October 14, 2012

Being disconnected to our food

The meat was made in a magical store, and no animals were harmed.

According to a recent survey in UK youths 16 - 23 years:
1) 36% do not know Bacon come from pigs
2) 40% do not link Milk to dairy cows - 7% thought it came from wheat!
3) 59% do not link Butter to dairy cows
4) 33% do not know Eggs come from hens - 11% thought it came from wheat/maize!

(Report here:

It's not surprising to know these days many people do not even know where their food come from! We just buy food and shove them in our mouths without questioning what we are eating. Truth behind food is all blocked and substituted with commercials like the below feeding our brains since young, it is no wonder we do know anything.

Subtle message: cheese burgers come from flowers touched by that criminal.


TaraBeth said...

this is frightening. thanks for sharing!

- Tarabeth

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