Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vegetarian Society AGM + Great vegan food

Yesterday I participated in the Vegetarian Society Singapore Annual General Meeting. This year there had been some changes as George left as president and the VP Clarence is now taking over as president. We hope to see more new programs and stuff rolled out by VSS! As always we have nice vegan food during the annual general meeting.

This vegan cake was for George, who had served for 10 years - baked by expert vegan baker Halimah. But I didn't manage to get a piece, gone in 60 seconds I'd say!

Nice special natural vegan meal VSS reserved for us at Kampung Senang.

Nostalgic Vegan chocolate ice cream on a cone by Kampung Senang - gosh it had been so long since I had ice cream in a cone!

The texture of the ice cream was grainy, but it was all natural - made from sunflower seeds and coconut oil. I still prefer brownice ice cream, but this passed the test. They had a really big tub and I went for 2 cones :)

Kampung Senang has got really natural food, it's near Aljunied MRT and I really suggest all health conscious people to try their food. :)


Renard Moreau said...

[ Smiles ] Having fun with vegan food is the way to go!

Mr & Mrs Vegan said...

Gosh! this post is making us salivate:) Definitely we have to check out this place! Really enjoy your posts..more more more please!

Roland & Priscilla

Ben Rolnik said...

My name is Ben Rolnik -- LA's Leader of the Good Life! I'm in singapore until next weekend. Would love to find some amazing things to do here related to health, happiness, and wellbeing and hopefully even connect to some likeminded people, then blog about it!

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