Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rats, Bulls, Roosters

Just finished watching a documentary on TV about the food people in other countries eat. Although it is only right to respect people for their culture, I just can't stand the cruelty behind those dishes. The first part was about rats being a delicacy in Africa. Several men took hoes and stuff and go rat hunting in the fields, they caught a giant rat, and cut off its tail and used the tail as part of a treatment procedure for one of the villagers leg. Later they roasted the whole rat under the fire, chopped it up and toss some vegetables etc. and cook it as a dish. And they ate everything single part of the rat! Excluding the intestine. The second part is about this chef in taiwan who served bull's penises and rooster's testicles to his guests... they say the chinese say that eating the organ of the animal that is similar to our part will enchance our organ. So if e.g. someone eats pig brain, he will become smarter. Omg.. what kind of logic is that? When the food goes into our body its broken down into its constituents.. sugars, amino acids, fats, nucleic acids.. all these goes into building the body.. not necessary just that particular organ. But what really disgusts me is how scary we are - eating anything that have the possibility of being eaten.

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