Friday, December 29, 2006

Retreat volunteer

I didn't get to post for the past few days due to the taiwan earthquake causing website viewing problems, but now it was resolved with the help of my friend Acchong. For the past two days I have been doing volunteer work at Kong Meng San Buddhist monastery. They were holding an "Om Mani Padme Hung" mantra retreat - also known as "100 million mani retreat". Participants have to recite the mantra 100 million times in total. This is great merits and the merits will be dedicated towards world peace, economy and health. We have to ensure everything go on smoothly dring the retreat, and part of the work was packing vegetarian lunch and dinner for the participants. It was really fun as well, just like playing arcade games. The food packets will pushed down the line by certain volunteers while others will add the different food in while the food-line is moving swiftly. It requires total concentration. I really like packing food, and it gives you a pleasant feeling when you think about the participants eating the food you took effort to pack. I am very happy and will be volunteering on 31st dec again - the last day of the retreat :).


Anonymous said...

A lots of thanks for packing the lunch. I might have eaten the one that you packed : )

dreamy said...

You are welcome, it was our job anyway :)

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