Sunday, January 14, 2007

Farmyard freaks? Perhaps its us who really are...

Genetic engineering scientists are investigating ways to remove the stress and aggression genes from animals and turn them into mere meat producing machines.

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What madness!? That reminds me of some of the money pumped into researches that are useless. This being one of such researches. Last time it was making meat without the animal. We are getting too greedy... so greedy for animal products that we are conceiving crazy ways to achieve all we want. Wasting all the money to do stupid things so that our taste buds can have seconds of pleasure - when the money can be used to help millions of people who are starving in another part of the world. Changing the natural order of things... zombifying the world... when we can simply become vegetarians to solved all this problems. The root problem is our greed for animal flesh, not the feeling ability of animals, the problem should be solved from its root. I hope they will fail.

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