Monday, January 22, 2007

Home-cooked vegan food not welcome

I brought home cooked food to microwave and eat today... again. I am getting pretty tired of it, not that mum doesn't cook well, but rather, the kind of food I can bring is limited, soups means more bulk to my backpack. Besides, I prefer to eat the food right away after it's cooked rather than re-heated.

The banquet food court at East point doesn't allow outside food to be brought in because it may not be halal, so I had to hide at a corner to eat, with my friends shielding me from the person nabbing those who brought outside food. The other time I was caught, so was my friend who brought her home-cooked food that day. I explained that my food was vegetarian, and that guy said that other people may not know.

My friend told me about this incident at a hospital where there was no vegetarian food stall as well. Guess what? The hospital manager's mum was eating her own vegetarian food there, and the guy approach to tell them not to bring in outside food. The hospital manager scolded that guy and say the food court does not even have veg food, what does he expect the manager's mum to eat? Wow! Even though scolding may be too harsh, that was really cool of the manager. I hope it did wake some people up to the existence and demands of vegetarians in this society.


jjb998 said...
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dreamy said...

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