Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How I went from "Nil" to "Gold" for PFT with the aid of a vegetarian diet

I simply hate endurance running. It's one of the things I am worse at. When I was in secondary school, we have to do a compulsory Physical Fitness Test (PFT). One of the tests was running/walking 2.4km. If you fail any of the tests, that means you fail the PFT. Usually, I will be the last in my class. It was really embrassing, especially when you can see the fastest runners of the next class catching up with you. Worse still, I got a "nil" for my PFT.

When I went to junior college, our required "pass" for my school's PFT was a silver. If you don't get a silver, you have to go for extra lessons. I remember when I went for a mass jogging session, my friends waited for me at the ending point for a long time. I was the last and came back with the teacher, I almost blackout during the jogging trip.

Of course I have to do extra lessons. Many of the teachers knew I had a really bad stamina. The training help me a lot, I was fitter and had better stamina. In a year, I managed to scrape a "bronze", but it was just over the "nil" point. I still have to go for extra lessons.

My grandmother passed away during my march holidays the following year. I wasn't a vegetarian back then, but for religious reasons, I decided to become a vegetarian for 49 days. It was near the real PFT, we had to trial run again after that 49 days. I was surprised that I got a silver and was very happy! Now I can meet the requirements and skip extra lessons!

After that time, I improved very fast and went on to get a gold for the actual test. Besides adequate training, I think a vegetarian diet really helped me made the swift improvement. If you suck at sport, why not give vegetarianism a chance? If the last runner of a class can get a gold for PFT, I am sure you can do well too.

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