Monday, February 5, 2007

Vegan food boring?

Today, I heard my collegues talked about vegetarianism. They didn't knew I was a vegan. One of them was saying he could go veg for a year, and another lady was saying that the maximum she could take was a week. It's very interesting listening to them talk. Perhaps the reason someone couldn't start a vegetarian diet was due to images of greens conjured in their minds. "How can I stand eating that my whole life?" Well, who could? A vegetarian diet does not consist only plates of sprouts, kale, spinach, etc. Vegans eat a lot of other things as well. In fact, after becoming a vegan, I realised I get to exercise more of my my creative power and became more interested in cooking. A vegan also gets to try new recipes and food combinations and learn to use substitutes in cooking. In Singapore, we have a kind of food call otak-otak. It is traditionally made from fish paste and grilled. As a vegan, we can substitute the fish paste with finely chopped abalone mushroom. I will try to get the recipe from my mum and share it.

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