Thursday, March 1, 2007

Another vegan burger outlet!

If you are a vegan staying in Boulder, CO; and are concern about eating organic and helping the environment, here's some good news! A vegan fast food outlet has just opened in your area, and on top of that the food served is organic, food packagings are compostable, and the outlet runs on wind power - very environmentally friendly and healthy indeed!
Click here to go to their site

Picture source: V.G. BURGERS


Vegan Scott said...

We don't have any of those where I live. Ah, I'll go complain at the Vegan & Vegetarian Forums, and save you from it. Thanks!

Edanator said...

In London, they used to have one too, with a commie theme if I remember correctly. I hope it's still around.

dreamy said...

How I wish they had it in SG too! But we are already very lucky that we have lots of veg outlets around.

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