Monday, March 12, 2007

A beginner guide to concious eating by Kathy Freston

Have you read a blog post by Kathy Freston on eating vegetarian?
I won't agree with her about the "Don't sweat the small stuff" section, where she mentions that worrying about minuscule amounts of animal products won't stop animal suffering, because if everyone does that, it's going to make a big difference. Nevertheless, it's a great article. Take a look.


justwhen aka rachel said...

Hi dreamy--yes, I thought Kathy Freston's piece was a pretty good "beginner guide." Someone posted it to another list I read, and I've been thinking I should print it out and take it to share with potential "beginners" at my UU fellowship one of these Sundays.

So I was glad to see it here at your blog, too. I'm feeling motivated now to carry out my plan this weekend. Thank you for that!

I'm really impressed with your blog--it's so full of helpful, informative posts. (And I think you've changed its appearance recently, if I'm remembering correctly? It's looking very nice.)

Keep up the great work. I hope you'll come visit me at my blog sometime! :)

dreamy said...

Hi Rachel,
Thanks, I am glad the blog motivated you and you like it :)

Yes, I agree too that the article would be very helpful to beginners. She put forth an interesting point of giving up small animals which is really different from what some people usually suggest.

I took visited your blog. Nice blog :) I especially like the post on influenza.

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