Monday, March 26, 2007

Humans and animals, what's the difference?

I was on the bus yesterday and while it stopped at the traffic light, I spotted a hawker center selling roasted-animal rice. I saw roasted ducks hanging by their necks and chunks of hanging meat on the window display. Now, I wondered why people find that appetizing. When I saw pictures of upside-down hanging pigs being slaughtered, it struck me when they look so much like humans, just that they aren't clothed. A head, a fleshy body and four limbs. On the microscopic level, we have nerves, blood vessels, tendons, skin etc. so do they.

I found the below two pictures. The pictures doesn't mean we should be cannibals, but rather, let us ponder what is it so different about an animal from a human that we should eat them?

WARNING! Before you scroll down, please be reminded that they are gross and may turn off a lot of people, if you think you cannot take it, please do not view.


Edanator said...

Perhaps we should print out color posters and put up at Hawker centers?

dreamy said...

Hahaha... In Singapore? I won't be responsible if you get caught :p

dreamy said...

But it does sounds like a good idea, maybe not in hawker centers. Can suggest to VSS.

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